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Other products and services

ANC 1:500 000 aeronautical charts

A chart series covering the whole of Finland (ANC 1:500 000) are designed to serve the requirements of visual air navigation. The charts are printed on paper as well as on waterproof plastic and they can be ordered from Karttakeskus MapshopOpens an external site in a new tab.

For the valid charts and available chart index, see eAIP GEN 3.2 para 6.

Additionally charts are available for Air Navigation ProOpens an external site in a new tab software that can be downloaded both Apple and Android devices.

Corrections to ANC 1:500 000 charts

Changes to the charts after publishing, see eAIP GEN 3.2 para 8. Corrections, if necessary, will also be published by NOTAM, see Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB).

Aeronautical charts

In addition to the charts required by ICAO Annex 4, the Aeronautical Information Service of Fintraffic ANS publishes charts clarifying the structure of the airspace. The charts are renewed as needed.

Chart copyrights are owned by Fintraffic ANS. Charts contain basemap datasets from the National Land Survey of Finland.

Topographic Database, 09/2012
Topographic Map 1:250 000, 08/2014 and 10/2015

Local TRA Charts (Temporary Reserved Airspace, TRA)

The charts are designed to give a user a graphical presentation of the aerodrome Local TRA areas. Read more about the aeronautical charts here.

SNOWTAM instruction

The simplified instruction for decoding SNOWTAM.


The subscriber of the newsletter will receive an e-mail whenever AIS products are updated. News are also published on the website.

EAD BasicOpens an external site in a new tab

EAD Basic is an advertisement tool showing the capabilities and functionalities of the EAD operational system (EAD Pro).

This tool is not connected to the EAD operational database, does not display the latest available information for a specific service, and shall not be used for operational purposes.

EAD users that wish to use EAD for operational purposes are invited to contact EUROCONTROL at

Airspace Use Plan (AUP)

AUP indicates the activity of TSA, TRA and certain R and D areas with protection zones. In addition, the AUP announces the closure of PERM and CDR1 class ATS routes. AUP validity period begins at the day of operations (D) at 0600 UTC and it ends at 0600 UTC the following day (D+1). Read more about the service here.

FlykOpens an external site in a new tab

The Flyk map shows the areas declared active in eAIP, AIP Supplemets, NOTAMs and AUP/UUP, as well as other activities dangerous to aviation. Read more about the service here.