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About the website


Fintraffic's Air Navigation Services (Fintraffic ANS) is responsible for the website. The website is meant for operational use, and it is kept as up to date as possible. However, Fintraffic ANS does not guarantee the availability of the content of the website at all times. Moreover, Fintraffic ANS is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by using the website or interpreting the content.

This website also contains links to external webpages. Fintraffic ANS is not responsible for the content of these webpages.


Fintraffic ANS owns the copyrights to Finnish aeronautical information products. Third parties have the copyrights to background material used on maps (e.g. roads, waterways, urban areas). The related publishing permissions are shown in eAIP GEN 3.2.

Aeronautical data published in the publishing system is available for further refining and research without a separate fee or agreement. Resale of aeronautical information products produced by the Aeronautical Information Services unit as such is not allowed without a separate agreement.

The use of photos and maps elsewhere must also always be agreed separately: the copyrights belong to Fintraffic ANS, the photographers or the authors of map material.

In Finland, the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) are taken care of by Fintraffic ANS's Aeronautical Information Services unit to which the suppliers of raw data are obligated to forward aeronautical information governed by publishing obligation. The Aeronautical Information Services unit edits and publishes aeronautical information in accordance with the standards and recommendations set out in the publishing system. In addition to information that concerns Fintraffic ANS's operations, the publishing system is also used for publishing information that is governed by the publishing obligation and that is notified by external parties, such as the authorities, organisations, companies, etc. The supplier of the information is always responsible for the accuracy of raw data.

In the publishing system, aeronautical information is on the Internet and in the EAD database. Aeronautical information available online is not subject to a fee. Aeronautical data in the EAD database is accessed on the basis of an agreement between the customer and the EAD. For more information, please visit hereOpens an external site in a new tab.

Fintraffic ANS reserves the right to change the content, service description, price, and pricing method of the services it provides. Fintraffic ANS is not liable for the content or functionality of the services, data or other information obtained, nor for any interruptions they may cause.