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Aeronautical information products

Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

AIP SUOMI / FINLAND is the basic aeronautical information document about Finland. It contains permanent information essential to air navigation in an electronic format. It is updated by AIP Amendments (AMDT, AIRAC AMDT) that consist of revised pages and charts.

AIP Supplements (AIP SUP)

Temporary changes to the contents of the AIP are published with AIP Supplements. Such changes include changes lasting longer than 3 months or operationally significant changes of shorter duration which include long texts or charts.

Aeronautical Information Circular A (AIC A)

The circulars contain information of general technical interest and information relating to administrative matters which is not suitable for AIP or NOTAM publication.

Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB)

The bulletins are products of European AIS Database (EAD). They consist of NOTAM, SNOWTAM and ASHTAM. Read more about the bulletins here.

Obstacle data (CSV)

Obstacle data sets are published in Finland as CSV file. 

More information regarding obstacle data sets can be inquired from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom to which the responsibility for maintaining the air navigation obstacle register was transferred on 01 OCT 2023.

Read more about the CSV files here.

Submitting information to AIS

In Finland, the aeronautical information service (AIS) is managed by the Aeronautical Information Services of Fintraffic ANS, to which the Data Originators are obliged to deliver aeronautical information according to their area of responsibility. Read more here.