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Last updated: 12 September 2019 10:21 LMT

Descriptions of products and services

Pre-flight information bulletins

ANS Finland has migrated to the European AIS Database (EAD) for the production of Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB). EAD is owned by EUROCONTROL on behalf of its member states. The service consists of Pre-flight Information Bulletins designed for VFR flights/general purpose as well as those designed for IFR flights. For further information concerning the Finnish Pre-flight Information Bulletin service, see AIP GEN 3.1

Each Internet bulletin is valid for seven (7) days and the bulletins are updated every one hour (starting from 00:00 UTC). The validity of the bulletins shall always be checked.

The separate NAV WRNG chart contains all active P/R/D areas and is updated once a day at 00:00 UTC. However, daily sport, glider and parachute operations, temporary restrictions for emergency operations and other navigational warnings made at short notice are only included in the NAV WRNG PIB.

The latest information (NOTAM/SNOWTAM) may be obtained through any Finnish ATS/AIS unit during their operational hours.

ANC 1:500 000 aeronautical charts

A chart series covering the whole of Finland (ANC 1:500 000) are designed to serve the requirements of visual air navigation. The charts are printed on paper as well as on waterproof plastic and they can be ordered from Karttakeskus Mapshop

For the valid charts and available chart index, see AIP GEN 3.2 para 3.5

Additionally charts are available for Air Navigation Pro software that can be downloaded both Apple and Android devices.

Corrections to ANC 1:500 000 charts

Changes to the charts after publishing, see AIP GEN 3.2 para 3.5 for WEF 12 SEP 2019.

Aeronautical charts

In order to clarify the airspace structure the following charts are published by ANS Finland's Aeronautical Information Service in addition to charts that ICAO Annex 4 requires. The charts are renewed as needed.

Chart copyrights are owned by ANS Finland. Charts contain basemap datasets from the National Land Survey of Finland.

  • Topographic Database, 09/2012
  • Topographic Map 1:250 000, 08/2014 and 10/2015

Local TRA Charts

The charts are designed to give a user a graphical presentation of the aerodrome Local TRA areas. The scales are at 1:350 000, 1:400 000 and 1:600 000.

The coordinates of the areas are published in AIP ENR 5.2.3

VFR Chart Helsinki

The chart is designed to use primarily on local school and training flights to serve the requirements of visual air navigation. The main purpose of the product is to minimize the number of airspace infringements, which have grown rapidly in number in recent years. This is achieved by making it easier to perceive the structure of the busy airspace.

The aeronautical information conforms to the ICAO specifications contained in Annex 4. The product shows, as far as known to ANS Finland, permanent obstacles to air navigation which are 90 M AGL or higher. Obstacle data based on the date in the product therefore changes in the obstacle data cause no renewal for the product.

VFR Chart Helsinki does not include the local procedures of Helsinki-Malmi and Helsinki-Vantaa Visual Approach Charts, which are required when operating to/from these aerodromes.

The scale of the chart is 1:250 000. When printing, A3 papersize should be used in order to avoid deteriorating of scale.

Obstacle data (CSV)

ANS Finland has published obstacle data as CSV files. Area 1 obstacles will be published as a single CSV file and aerodrome obstacles as one or more files per aerodrome. Files will be updated in accordance with AIRAC cycle, when necessary.

Change information for each CSV file is available at the same page as a text file. Change information file contains obstacle identifiers of any added (ADDN), changed (CHG), or deleted (DEL) obstacle since the previous CSV file.

Area 1 obstacles

CSV file of Area 1 obstacles covers the whole territory of Finland. It contains air navigation obstacles known by ANS Finland that are 100 M AGL or higher.

The naming convention for these filenames is ef_efin_area1_obstdata_dd_mmm_yyyy.csv. Dd_mmm_yyyy is the effective date of the file.

Aerodrome obstacles penetrating obstacle limitation surfaces

CSV file covers the area of the aerodrome obstacle limitation surfaces. File contains man-made obstacles known by ANS Finland penetrating ICAO Annex 14 (national aviation regulation AGA M3-6) obstacle limitation surfaces and being over 3 M AGL.

The naming convention for these filenames is ef_efxx_ols_obstdata_dd_mmm_yyyy.csv. Efxx is the aerodrome location indicator and dd_mmm_yyyy is the effective date of the file.

Aerodrome obstacles 120 M above the runway (Type C)

CSV file covers an area within 45 km radius from ARP. File contains man-made obstacles known by ANS Finland exceeding a height of 120 M (394 FT) above the lowest elevation on the runway(s). Qualified obstacles will be selected according to ICAO Annex 4, Edition 53, Aerodrome Obstacle Chart - ICAO Type C definition. The lowest elevation on the runway(s) for each aerodrome is published at AIP GEN 3.1 para 6

From effective date 26MAY2016 the naming convention for these filenames is ef_efxx_typec_obstdata_dd_mmm_yyyy.csv. Files published before that are named as ef_efxx_obstdata_dd_mmm_yyyy.csv. Efxx is the aerodrome location indicator and dd_mmm_yyyy is the effective date of the file.

Area 4 obstacles

CSV-file covers the Area 4 of a Category II or III precision approach runway. File contains man-made obstacles known by ANS Finland.

The naming convention for these filenames is ef_efxx_nn_area4_obstdata_dd_mmm_yyyy.csv. Efxx is the aerodrome location indicator, nn is the runway designator and dd_mmm_yyyy is the effective date of the file.

Content of the CSV files

CSV file will have the following information from the man-made obstacle separated by semicolon (;):

Field Information Example
OBST ID Obstacle identification EFINOB 10031
TYPE Type Mast
COORD Coord in AIP format 615551.0N 0254354.3E
LAT Latitude as degrees 61.93083059
LONG Longitude as degrees 25.73175845
HGT AGL (FT) Height AGL in FT 355
ELEV MSL (FT) Elevation MSL in FT 982
LGT TYPE Type of top light F R
LGT HR Hours of light HN

ELEV MSL (FT) data is based on N2000 vertical reference system.

At the first line of the CSV file the field separator (SEP=;) used is introduced. The field names are at the second line followed by each obstacle, one per line:

EFINOB 10031;Mast;615551.0N 0254354.3E;61.93083059;25.73175845;355;982;F R;HN;Y
EFINOB 10037;Mast;621219.9N 0253819.8E;62.20551801;25.63884318;397;1171;F R;HN;Y
EFINOB 10038;Mast;622100.9N 0253304.5E;62.35026117;25.55124486;337;1091;F R;HN;Y

GPX files

GPX or GPS eXchange Format is an XML schema designed as a common GPS data format for software applications. GPX file can be used to describe waypoints, tracks, and routes. Presenting of element attributes is rather limited. GPX files may be utilized in many systems or software applications as such. For example the files may be imported to a map application for visualizing element locations on a basemap.

VFR reporting points (GPX)

VFR reporting points published for each aerodrome at AIP WAYPOINTS AND FIXES (AD 2.15) are available as a single GPX file covering whole Finland. File will be updated in accordance with AIP amendments, when necessary. Update is done by publishing a new file. Detailed description of VFR reporting points GPX file is given in the table below.

GPX data Description
<wpt lon="63.0105556" lat="23.2222222"> Coordinates degrees
<name>MUSTA</name> Name
<desc>Compulsory</desc> ATC reporting requirement
  • Compulsory
  • On request
<type>VFR REP</type> VFR REP

Air navigation obstacles (GPX)

Air Navigation Obstacles - 100 M AGL or higher are available as a GPX file. File will be updated in accordance with AIP amendments, when necessary. Update is done by publishing a new file. Detailed description of obstacles GPX file is given in the table below.

GPX data Description
<wpt lon="22.3725685" lat="61.8001125"> Coordinates degrees
<ele>206.1</ele> ELEV from the MSL (in meters 1 decimal resolution)
<name>EFINOB 10112</name> OBST indentification
<cmt>Mast</cmt> OBST types:
  • Mast
  • Chimney
  • Wind turbine
  • Building
  • Crane
  • Pylon
  • Tower
  • Obstacle
<sym>Obstacle</sym> GPS symbol

EAD Basic

EAD Basic is EAD's free Public Access Service application for the general public and it is free of charge.

EAD Public User is the databases Public Access Service for pilots and aviation enthusiastics.

EAD Public User allows browsing the database via the web through a set of limited functions:

  • Enables to generate Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) for:
    • Aerodromes
    • Areas and special areas (based on airspace or centre point and radius)
    • Routes, including aerodrome of departure/destination/alternate and overflown Flight Information Regions (FIR)
  • Searching for valid NOTAMs
  • Browsing Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP, AMDT, SUP, AIC and charts included in AIP) from PAMS database

To be able to use EAD Basic you must register as EAD user. You can register and login here

The easiest way to find aeronautical information of Finland is to browse this website.