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Last updated: 08 March 2023 13:38 LMT


AIP SUOMI / FINLAND is the basic aeronautical information document about Finland. It contains information of lasting character essential to air navigation in an electronic form. Please note the first date of validity.

Current AIP

Old published AIP versions

Published eAIP versions from 29 DEC 2022 can be found in the archive of the eAIP history page.

Valid from AIP AMDT Stripped-down version
01 DEC 2022 NIL NIL
03 NOV 2022 NIL NIL
06 OCT 2022 AIRAC AIP AMDT 005/2022 AIRAC AIP AMDT 005/2022
08 SEP 2022 NIL NIL
11 AUG 2022 AIRAC AIP AMDT 004/2022 AIRAC AIP AMDT 004/2022
14 JUL 2022 NIL NIL
16 JUN 2022 AIRAC AIP AMDT 003/2022 AIRAC AIP AMDT 003/2022

You can check the publication and AIRAC effective dates at AIC A.