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Last updated: 17 October 2017 14:55 LMT

AIS products and services

Aeronautical information products

Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

AIP SUOMI / FINLAND is the basic aeronautical information document about Finland. It contains information of lasting character essential to air navigation in an electronic form. It is updated by AIP Amendments (AMDT, AIP AMDT) that consist of revised pages and charts. The available AIPs can be found here.

Stripped-down version of AIP

The stripped-down version of AIP where JavaScript and frames are not used. It is meant to be used by mobile devices.

AIP Supplements (AIP SUP)

The supplements contain information temporarily changing the contents of the AIP including changes lasting longer than 3 months or operationally significant changes of shorter duration including graphics or extensive texts.

Aeronautical Information Circular A (AIC A)

The circulars contain information of general technical interest and information relating to administrative matters which is not suitable for AIP or NOTAM publication.

Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB)

The bulletins are products of European AIS Database (EAD). They consist of NOTAM, SNOWTAM and ASHTAM. Read more about the bulletins here.

Obstacle data (CSV)

The obstacle data is published as CSV files. Area 1 obstacles are published as a single CSV file and aerodrome obstacles as one or more CSV files per an aerodrome. Read more about the CSV files here.

Other products and services


The ISO Image is a file that contains the valid AIP. It can be downloaded free of charge and burned on an empty CD disc.

VFR reporting points (GPX)

The VFR reporting points are available as a single GPX file. Read more about the GPX files here.

Air navigation obstacles (GPX)

The air navigation obstacles (100 M AGL or higher) are available as a single GPX file. Read more about the GPX files here.

Local TRA Charts (Temporary Reserved Airspace, TRA)

The charts are designed to give a user a graphical presentation of the aerodrome Local TRA areas. Read more about the aeronautical charts here.

VFR Chart Helsinki

The chart is designed to be used primarily on local school and training flights to serve the requirements of visual air navigation. Read more about the aeronautical charts here.

SNOWTAM instruction

The simplified instruction for decoding SNOWTAM.


The subscriber of the newsletter will receive an e-mail whenever AIS products are updated. News are also published on the website.

EAD Basic

EAD Basic is free application for pilots and all aviation enthusiastics. Read more about the service here.

Airspace Use Plan (AUP)

AUP displays the active TSA areas. AUP is published daily both as a table and a map.