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Last updated: 23 March 2021 10:56 LMT

Pre-flight Information Services

Filing a flight plan

You can file your flight plan either by using the structured flight plan form or the free text editor.

After sending the flight plan, please call +358 20 428 4800.

flight plan form in PDF-format.

If no ATS is in operation at the departing/landing site, activate or close flight plans (DEP/ARR) via ACC, tel nb. +358 3 386 5172.

Test your flight plan

On Eurocontrol website you will find the IFPUV service where you can test your IFR Flight Plan.

Prior permission for IFR school flights in EFTU TMA

Prior permission is required at EFTU TMA at 0900-2100LMT (0600-1800UTC) for IFR school flights. Prior permission must be requested no later than 1 hour before EOBT. The requirement applies to arriving, departing, training instrument approaches and flying inside training area under IFR flight rules inside EFTU TMA. The requirement also applies to check flights and SPIC flights. The requirement does not apply to state aviation, scheduled or charter flight operations, or flight operations related to search and rescue.

Prior permission is requested from the Flight Planning Centre (FPC) by telephone when confirming the arrival of the flight plan. Available times may be viewed from the attached calendar, times in calendar are UTC times. Note the information in the attached calendar is updated with a delay. Flight Planning Centre always has up-to-date information at its disposal.

A prior permission is requested for a minimum period of 20 minutes (xx:00 - xx:20, xx:20 - xx:40, xx:40 – yy:00), the requested prior permission must cover the entire flight inside EFTU TMA, pilot in command is responsible for adherence to accepted times.

If the flight is canceled, prior permission has to be cancelled and made available for the use by other airspace users. If the flight is delayed, the flight according to the EOBT must remain within the time of the issued prior permission or a new prior permission must be applied for.

Some flight schools are given the user privileges to make calendar bookings. You can apply for privileges from Flight Planning Centre

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