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Last updated: 08 November 2018 13:43 LMT

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Aeronautical Information Services and Flight Planning Centre publish a newsletter when necessary. It contains:

  • Notifications about updates of AIS products (AIP, AIRAC AMDT, AIP ISO Image, SUP, AIC A, CSV files)
  • VFR traffic (GPX files, VFR Chart Helsinki, ANC 1:500 000)
  • Other notifications of AIS/ARO/MET services

The subscriber of the newsletter will receive an e-mail whenever AIS products are updated. News are also published on the website.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here. You will find the privacy statement concerning the newsletter here. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter easily by a form to which there is a link at the end of every newsletter.

You can read the newsletter also by subscribing to the RSS feeds mentioned below. Subscribing means adding the feeds for example to a web browser or an e-mail client. You can easily find guides on this matter with search engines.

Please take into account that if you want to follow all Finnish news, you have to subscribe to both Finnish feeds (AIS Suomi, FPC Suomi). To follow all English news, you have to subscribe to both English feeds (AIS Englanti, FPC Englanti).

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