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Last updated: 19 November 2019 10:50 LMT

Airspace Use Plan (AUP)

AUP contains information regarding ATS-routes that have been closed (CDR1, PERM). AUP contains also TSA, TRA, CBA and certain R- and D- areas approved by AMC. AUP validity period begins at the day of operations (D) at 0600 UTC and it ends at 0600 UTC the following day (D+1). Read more about the service here.

Aviamaps AUP/UUP+NAV WRNG TODAY shows the current state of info at viewing time, including airspace reservations in accordance with the valid AUP/UUP message, as well as the P/R/D areas declared active. The information is updated approximately every 5 minutes.

Aviamaps AUP/UUP+NAV WRNG TOMORROW shows airspace reservations according to the next day's AUP message after Eurocontrol has published Europe-wide EAUP by 1600 UTC (1500 UTC during summertime). P/R/D areas will appear in the view based on the NOTAM validity times.

Aviamaps AUP/UUP + NAV WRNG chart is informative and does not release the user from responsibility to be familiarized with all applicable NOTAM and AUP/UUP messages. Read more about the service here.