AIP SUOMI / FINLAND is published by AIS service provider Fintraffic Air Navigation Services Ltd (hereinafter as Fintraffic ANS).

AIP is a product meant for operational use, and it is maintained by means of Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP) (see AIP GEN 3.1). AIP is published in electronic form, in Finnish and in English, on and in Published AIP Management System (PAMS) of European AIS Database (EAD) of EUROCONTROL. EAD services are used on the basis of an agreement between the customer and EAD. Read more here.

Fintraffic ANS reserves the right to change the content, service description, price and pricing of the services it offers.

Sources of information

Raw data suppliers (aerodrome operators, authorities, companies, communities, etc.) are obliged to transfer aeronautical data subject to the obligation of publication to the AIS service provider. The AIS service provider is responsible for maintaining the quality and integrity of the information during the publishing process. However, the raw data supplier is always responsible for the accuracy of the original information.


To improve our business, all feedback is welcome: any errors or omissions found, questions, opinions and development suggestions can be sent to or by website feedback form.


The copyright of Finnish aeronautical information products is owned by Fintraffic ANS. The backgroud material used in maps (roads, waters, urban areas, etc.) are copyrighted to third parties. The publication permission for these are presented in AIP GEN 3.2.

Aeronautical information products are available without charge for further processing and research. Resale of products as such is not permitted without a separate agreement.


Fintraffic ANS is liable for any direct damages resulting from the provision of service, which can be demonstrated to have been caused by Fintraffic ANS's intentional or negligent acts. Fintraffic ANS is not liable for any consequential or indirect damage resulting from the provision of service, nor for pure economic losses or any such damage the Fintraffic ANS could not have reasonably anticipated. Compensation for damage must be claimed from Fintraffic ANS in writing within one month of detecting the error on which the claim for compensation is based, or within one month of the time when the error should have been detected.